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Copy the link that you were given into Google Chrome Browser to open up your specific project and exams. You should have gotten an email invitation.

Your first annotation

Click on a label to activate it. If the annotation uses a Global label, you’re done and ready to go to the next case.

Otherwise, you will use your cursor to draw the appropriate annotation. When you are done, you can edit the annotations by grabbing and moving the entire shape, moving individual points, or moving the sides of a bounding box.

Saving is automatic. To create another annotation, click on any label. You can have multiple shapes of the same label.


Box annotation

Applying different labels on the same image

Apply each label, one by one, and the bottom Annotations toolbar will indicate all the labels applied on that image.

Applying the same local label multiple times

Applying the same local label multiple times works the same way. Just click on the same label again to apply the label on the image again.

Keyboard shortcuts (Alt-1 to Alt-9) are available to quickly apply a label.


Saving occurs automatically. You can go to the next image or series or exam when you are ready.

Next steps to learn

  • Interpolation
  • Copy annotation to next or prior image
  • Reorder the labels for yourself to make keyboard shortcuts easier