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Setup Project

Create new project

If you are a Superuser, click on "New Project" in the side panel.

Choose settings for your project. Most common settings are the default.

Add a data use agreement if desired. All users will need to click to agree to this agreement before accessing the data.

Add dataset

Every project should contain at least one dataset. A common use case for having more than one dataset in a project is separating training and test sets. After creating the new project, click on the "Add Dataset" button to create the first dataset. This dataset will serve as the container into which you will load your data. Note the project and dataset IDs.

Load external data into project dataset


If your dataset source is set to "Upload", there are 2 options to load external data:

  1. Use the web UI directly (drag and drop a folder containing your DICOM images, or use the upload files/upload folder buttons). 3
  2. Use the CLI tool. This is highly recommended for larger datasets (e.g., >100 MB). See the CLI Usage page for command descriptions.

Once uploading is complete, the uploaded data will be processed in the background. Once finished, the DICOM series thumbnails will appear:

The project can now be launched in the Annotator app:


Advanced - attach project to your GCP bucket

  1. Fill in name of bucket
  2. Give permissions in GCP bucket as outlined next to checkbox
  3. Check box
  4. Connect

Invite users

Select users tab from the project column

  • Enter the user's email address
  • Select a role. Most users will be can view and edit
  • They will receive an email inviting them to the project

Assign cases

Choose Assignments tab

  • Select Label Group from dropdown menu. You can restrict users to a single label group if you would like them to make blinded readings or choose No Restriction
  • Select Dataset from dropdown menu if applicable
  • Enter cases assigned to user