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Export Data

Using the app

You can export the images, annotations, and model predictions with a simple two step process.


  • First tap Export for the images, annotations, or model outputs
  • Then tap Download File to save to your computer

Using the library

1. Access project

import mdai
# Get variables from project info tab and user settings
YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN = 'a1s2d3f4g4h5659797kllh8vk'
PROJECT_ID = 'MwBe19Br' #project info
mdai_client = mdai.Client(domain=DOMAIN, access_token=YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN)

2. Download annotations

# Download only the annotation data
p = mdai_client.project(PROJECT_ID, path='.',  annotations_only=True)

Example output

Using working directory for data.
Preparing annotations export for project MwBe19Br...
Success: annotations data for project MwBe19Br ready.
Downloading file: mdai_public_project_MwBe19Br_annotations_labelgroup_all_2020-09-23-214038.json
No project created. Downloaded annotations only.

3. Dataframe

Copy the downloaded file name from the output above or from your downloaded json file. If you get a json error, try downloading outside of your firewall.

#Replace with your filename
JSON = 'mdai_public_project_MwBe19Br_annotations_labelgroup_all_2020-09-23-214038.json'
#Use this function to turn json file into a dataframe
results = mdai.common_utils.json_to_dataframe(JSON)
#Annotations dataframe
annots_df = results['annotations']