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Recent Updates

October 2018


  • [Fix] Fix shift-click annotations to activate to work on rotated images.
  • [Fix] Fix scrollbar flickering on platforms with hidden scrollbars (macOS/chromeOS).

September 2018


  • [Fix] Signing out will no longer automatically sign out user on other computers.


  • [Feature] Add toolbar button to toggle low-resolution series scrolling (allows multi-image series to be loaded faster).


  • [Feature] Handle multi-part image exports for datasets larger than ~20GB.

August 2018


  • [Feature] Add browser warning for non-chrome/non-firefox browsers.
  • [Feature] Implement open data setting for project, allowing non-project-users to download data as well.


  • [Feature] Can now star projects in Hub projects lists.
  • [Feature] Display upvote/downvote info in annotation.
  • [Feature] Add button in annotation controls in annotations list for displaying summary popup on touch-enabled devices.


  • [Fix] Allow exporting images from cloned projects.


  • [Feature] Additional exam filter options: by all vs by current user.


  • [Feature] Add clone project button is project is cloneable.
  • [Fix] Fix active users display for anonymous users.
  • [Fix] Fix image filters for color images.
  • [Fix] Restrict adding Colab notebooks to only project admins and read/write users.
  • [Fix] Fix behavior for repeated searches in Hub.


  • [Fix] Display message for empty datasets.
  • [Fix] Prevent duplicate filenames in web UI file uploads.


  • [Feature] Display cloned project info.
  • [Fix] Disable image export within cloned projects.


  • [Fix] Change add interpolation frame shortcut to Alt-A for macOS compatibility.


  • [Feature] Add keyboard shortcut for adding annotations as interpolation frame.
  • [Fix] Fix drawing bounding box when non-square image is rotated.
  • [Fix] Disable sorting of exams list when exam range is limited through user assignments.
  • [Feature] Expand user assignments to handle multiple datasets within project.


  • [Fix] Remove URL links from project user assignments.
  • [Fix] Update DICOM metadata overlay layout.


  • [Feature] Add label panel control button for bulk removal of annotations.
  • [Feature] Allow adding of Colab notebooks by URL.
  • [Feature] Can set Colab notebooks as private or public.


  • [Feature] Add default sort option for exams list.
  • [Feature] Enable ROI windowing for color images.


  • [Feature] All third-party libraries are now served exclusively from or google domains.


  • [Fix] Removed excessive warnings logged to developer console during annotation interpolation.

July 2018


  • [Feature] Added annotation interpolation for bounding boxes. Annotations under the same label can be added to a list of interpolation frames within a series, provided the annotations have data. Interpolated annotations can then be created in one click across all images in the range specified by the interpolation frames.


  • [Fix] Updated toolbar panels to not be full width.
  • [Fix] Fixed annotation shape style updates for when user vs ML-model attached.
  • [Fix] Added navigation guard when data is being saved, preventing dropped annotations during rapid annotation + navigation.
  • [Fix] Updated ML annotation behavior to match human annotations (upvote/downvote/edit/remove/etc.).
  • [Fix] Moved upvote/downvote buttons to annotation popup.


  • [Fix] Navigation info is now hidden when scrolling through series in fullscreen mode.
  • [Fix] Annotated/Not Annotated icon indicators in Exam/Series/Image list panels should now update more correctly in real-time.


  • [Fix] Exam and series keyboard shortcuts for navigation have been swapped.


  • [Feature] Added Google Colab notebooks list in the Jupyter tab view.
  • [Feature] User settings accessible from the upper-righthand corner user dropdown menu.


  • [Fix] Removed dataset selection from data export. To prevent confusion about missing data, will always export all datasets within project. Labelgroups can still be restricted, however.


  • [Fix] Prevent duplicates being created during copy annotation.
  • [Fix] Change copy annotation keyboard shortcut to Ctrl + ` on macOS due to OS-level conflicts.


  • [Feature] i18n translations for japanese locale.
  • [Fix] Deactivated next series/study caching for multi-image series.


  • [Fix] Removed exporting of labels-only.


  • [Feature] Implemented ROI windowing from drawn box.
  • [Fix] Prevent user interactions with hidden annotations.


  • [Fix] Properly calculate coordinates for bounding boxes when image is rotated.
  • [Feature] Allow bounding boxes to be drawn from any direction, not just the upper-lefthand corner.


  • [Feature] Added image rotation tool (clockwise/counterclockwise 90 degrees).

Older updates archived