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User Managemnet

Add New Users

Administrators can add new users to a project either via the UI or by using our CLI tool.

  • UI: Select Users from the Project column and add a new user by entering their email address and selecting a user role. add-user.png
  • CLI: See CLI instructions here

User Roles

Users can be assigned roles based on the requirement. The following are the privileges associated with each user role -

Inactive users

• no access to project and no cases are visible

READER (read only)

 view cases to which they have been granted access or all cases if no restriction set

WRITER (read/write)

 create and edit their own annotations upvote/downvote other users' annotations
• reorder labels for themselves
• bulk delete their own annotations

QA (read/write/adjudicate)

• all READER and WRITER priviliges
• adjudicate annotations done by other users


 create, edit, and delete Labels and Label Groups
 create hanging protocols
 assign, invite, and restrict users
 create new datasets
 download/upload images and annotations
 all view/edit functionalities


• create new projects
• have all the admin privileges 
• superusers are set up directly by

User Assignment

Administrators of the project can assign cases to users by following the steps below -

  1. Select Users from the Project column
  2. Go to Assignments tab
  3. Assign Label Group to the user. You can restrict users to a single label group if you would like them to make blinded readings or choose No Restriction. You can also assign users to multiple label groups and they will only be able to see/apply the labels and annotations from the assigned label groups.
  4. Assign Dataset if there are more than one.
  5. Within each dataset, assign exams to the user. You can assign a range, values, a mixture of both, or give each reader a specified number of random cases by using Randomize (eg. 1, 2-5, 10)


No restriction means a user has access to all the data. Users will also get a popup notification if their assignments change while working on the project.

Jump to user cases

The Link icon creates a link to the label group and cases for that specific user. These will be automatically loaded when they sign in to the project.

Assign exams using CLI tool

You can also use the CLI tool to assign cases to users. Further instructions - CLI instructions to assign cases