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Add Users


  1. Select Users from the Project column
  2. Enter email address and user role


See CLI instructions CLI

Assign Cases to Users


  1. Select Users from the Project column
  2. Go to Assignments tab
  3. Assign Label Group
  4. Assign Dataset if there is more than one
  5. Assign exams

Select Users tab from the Project column

Choose Assignments tab

Select Label Group from dropdown menu

You can restrict users to a single label group if you would like them to make blinded readings or choose No Restriction

Select Dataset from dropdown menu if applicable

Enter cases assigned to user

Jump to users cases

The Link icon creates a link to the label group and cases for that specific user. These will be automatically loaded when they sign in to the project.

Assign exams

You can assign a range, values, a mixture of both, or give each reader a specified number of Random cases.

Assign exams using CLI tool

Further instructions in Command-line Interface section CLI instructions to assign cases