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February 2022


Bulk clone project models though CLI

Models are now able to be cloned in bulk through the command line interface (CLI). For example, if you start a new project and plan to use the same labels and models used in a previous project, you can copy these in using the CLI. Models can also be easily transferred using the UI and model clone ID as described here.

Improved annotation review flexibility

When providing a label review with a thumbs up or down, you can now easily correct a review placed in error by clicking again to remove the review.


Improved loading performance

The power and flexibility of allows for a nearly unlimited number of annotations, comments, and revisions on each image. For some series with a large number of annotations however, large backend queries could lead to slowed loading. This update improves query performance by optimizing backend query performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed model label class cache bug – label attributes, for example name and color, will now update in real time when changed by user.

  • Fixed model performance dashboard – you can now view a visual representation of your model’s performance on each task (one task is created each time you run your model) as well as the visual representation of your model’s overall performance.

  • Resolved bug where mouse wheel scrolling would skip images.

  • Fixed box spacing and padding issue around model names.