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October 2023


Advanced Reporting Features

Streamline reporting with advanced features like LLM assisted reporting and context aware chat, in addition to the customizable macros and templates, speech to text support, and HL7 integration clinical users expect.


Reporting can be accessed independently or launched directly from annotator.

Clinical Context Aware Chat

Workflow Automation

Speed up clinical and administrative tasks such as summarizing and sharing information with integrated chat, reporting, and email features.

Email Assistant

Threshold Interpolation

Masks with a set threshold range, in Hounsfield Units (HU), can now be utilized with the interpolation feature for automated and precise mask application within the Hounsfield Units specified.

New Annotation Import Options

Annotations created in one project can be imported into a new project while preserving the original user and time stamp information. Details on annotation import options can be found here.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug in autosave logic when navigate away from annotation note.
  • Fixed bug inappropriately preventing bulk annotation deletions.
  • Fixed bug causing the thumbnail view of different videos in the same dataset to appear identical.
  • Resolved bug where project star and unstar settings were not updating.
  • Fixed record button bug where recording feature could get stuck loading.
  • Fixed bug in token limit check for Llama 2.
  • Fixed bug causing intermittent annotation interpolation failures.
  • Resolved bug where dicomTagsAdminOnly setting was only hiding tags from DICOM info overlay, instead of both the overlay and the exam/series/image panel.
  • Fixed bug in chat where selecting a default prompt would use GPT-4 even if different LLM had been selected.
  • Fixed bug causing some videos to load slowly or freeze.
  • Fixed bug in chat's append to report function, where appended section was not saving.
  • Fixed bug where relevant report context failed to import if a chat prompt was edited.
  • Fixed crowdsourcing mode bug where annotations created by a user would remain associated with an exam even if the user's assignment to the exam was deleted.