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August 2022


Model Status Notifications

Receive automated notifications when your model tasks have been completed! The email notification feature can help streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to check on model progress. The flexible notifications can be easily turned on or off based on your preferences. Regardless of notification preference, you can continue to check the model’s current status on the model card.

New Models

Explore our growing library of 1-click deployment models! hosts a variety of models that can be added to your project with a simple clone code, in addition to supporting custom model uploads. For example, you can choose a Pixel DEID model, available under the Public Models tab, to check for any burnt in protected health information (PHI) on images, and then run an organ segmentation model to annotate specific anatomic regions. More information about how to create or use a model clone codes is available here..

Clone model

Vertex AI Integration

Leverage the power of Google’s AutoML and Vertex AI on Deploy your models with a few simple steps as described here..

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved label controls bug that continued to allow visualization of mask annotations during scrolling even when annotation visualization had been toggled off.
  • Improved annotation cloning by preserving parent-child model output hierarchies when model output cloned as annotation.
  • Fixed bug causing navigation issue during filter use.