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October 2022


3D Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR)

The Multiplanar Reconstruction feature enables data acquired in one plane to be visualized across multiple planes for improved diagnostic and labeling accuracy. For example, a MR acquired in the axial plane can be reconstructed into a sagittal and coronal view as well.


Additional viewing options including Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), Minimum Intensity Projection (MinIP), and Average can be selected while a reconstruction is activated by selecting the MPR icon again.

MPR Menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in model inference tasks during large data batches.
  • Updated model output summary header to clarify total number of model outputs.
  • Resolved bug in real time updates for clone model output - now when two users are in a project at the same time, if one user clones a model output as annotation, the update will be seen in real time by other users.
  • Fixed model inference task mapping for multi-frame DICOM.