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March 2023


Seamlessly Integrate Human and AI Annotation

Annotation notes and model output notes are now simultaneously displayed on the notes tab. An annotator drafting a report for an exam can now write their report while easily referencing any model output associated with that exam, from a ChatGPT style generated draft report to volumetric organ mesasurements. Additional features include filter and collapse UI tools.

Model Output Notes

Improved Model Argument UI

Easily add or edit model task arguments via the Args button. For example, complicated prompts can be entered for use with large language models.

Edit Task Args

Improved Visualization Performance

Enable faster exam visualization for large series with the load all series of next exam option which can be turned on in project settings. This feature enables background loading and caching of all series in the next exam, including multi-image series such as CT MR and US.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug causing long provisioning times for model tasks.
  • Fixed bug in temporary dataset deletion process.
  • Removed redundant UI option in model tasks edit menu to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed upload issue so that batch processing is also canceled if there are errors during upload.
  • Fixed panel docking issue so that undocking side panel now automatically also closes side panel.