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Label Controls


All users can Filter and Hide labels as well as bulk remove their own annotations. Administrators can edit, reorder, and delete any labels.

Choose the filter option in the Labels Controls and select the labels and label group you would like to filter by. Then click filter again. When you open the Exam window in the Navigation column, you'll see only the filtered cases. There are different types of filters available -

  • AND filter will show only the resources that contain all the labels you have selected.
  • OR filter will show the respurces that contain any of the labels you have selected.
  • NOT filter will show only the resources that do not contain the labels you have selected.

These filters can be applied to all resource levels including exam, series and images.

Hide labels

Choose the hide option in Label Controls and select the labels you would like to hide. You can also hide individual annotations on an image by using the hide icon on the annotation tag.

Reorder labels

Drag and drop labels into the position to change their order.

Remove annotations in bulk

BULK REMOVE is a feature to remove specific label annotations from the entire Dataset, Exam, Series or Image resource. An administrator can delete annotate created by any user. This is also useful to remove unwanted annotations added with the interpolator tool.


Edit labels

Change the label title, color, and Radlex tags using this option.

Delete labels

This allows you to delete a label and with it, all the associated annotations from the entire project.