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May 2022


Elliptical ROI tool

Increased annotating efficiency with the new features added to the elliptical ROI tool including rotation and automatic diameter and circumference measurements.

Elliptical ROI tool

Dark Mode

New dark mode option added to the Documentation. Click the light bulb icon in the upper right-hand corner to help reduce eye strain or fit your reading preferences.

Accelerated performance

Implemented Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration to improve performance for teams with users around the world. For example, load time to switch between exams or series has been significantly reduced for users with private AWS S3 buckets across the world.

Model Analytics

New model analytics added along with support for models with multiclass and multilabel outputs. Check out the models section for more information on how to get started.

Model Performance

Bug Fixes

  • Improved annotation review button visualization to prevent overlapping windows when multiple lines of annotations present.
  • Resolved issue that was preventing deletion of cloned projects.
  • Fixed export memory issue for very large complex masks.
  • Resolved bug preventing annotation assignments of user to datasets containing only one exam.
  • Fixed bug that caused ordering of labels to change in some cloned projects.