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September 2023


Enhanced LLM Integration

Chat with the LLM of your choice and easily change LLMs as desired in Chat.

LLM Chat Options

Additional new features include streamlined annotator to chat functionality for transfer of annotation notes or model outputs and support for embedded DICOM tags.

Export Annotation Note to Chat

Language Localization Chat now includes expanded language support which can be automatically inferred based on location or changed as desired in the settings menu.

Language Settings

Optimized Video Support

Video upload has been optimized to decrease processing time, and support has been added for .mov, .avi, and H.264/Advanced Video Coding (AVC)/MPEG-4 Part 10 video formats.

New De-ID Functionality

Additional options for de-identification of DICOM tags are now available. Details on de-identification including pixel based, DICOM tag based, and automated De-ID can be found in the docs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing viewport margins to change during scrolling if number of annotations varied between images.
  • Resolved bug that was causing prolonged time to delete files.
  • Fixed angle label measurement visibility issue.
  • Fixed bug in crowdsourcing mode to allow annotation of data added after project has started.
  • Resolved out of memory bug in command line interface during large file number loading.
  • Fixed bug that could cause compressed annotations export to fail.
  • Fixed exam filter bug where when Annotated by User filter was selected the annotation indicator continued to show a count of all user's annotations.
  • Fixed bug in Chat where emails would include the subject line in the email body.
  • Resolved bug in Chat which caused user edits containing hyphens to corrupt the edit.
  • Fixed bug in Chat to prevent network errors from interfering with saving of reports.
  • Fixed bug causing report Templates button to become hidden in Chat.
  • Fixed bug where the images in some emails created by Chat would not display correctly.