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Automated Annotation

Increase annotation speed and precision with annotation automation. Detailed mask annotations can now be generated in seconds using the automated annotation tool.

Automated Annotation

Additional features include toggles to show or hide threshold previews, and assisted modification options.

Toggle Threshold Preview

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Support

External bucket integration has expanded to include Azure Blob Storage support.

Mask Thresholding

A desired threshold range, in Hounsfield Units (HU), can now be defined during mask label creation. This feature allows for the mask application brush to only act on the predefined HU range, for easy mask application to specific regions.


Improved Annotation Tools

Mask annotations now auto save and brush size and super pixel selection remain at the most recently set levels as users navigate from image to image.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug persisting model task filter in the UI after deletion of a parent model.