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Installing the Command-line Interface (CLI)

The CLI is a convenience tool for accessing a small subset of the API, such as loading data into project datasets.

Download and install the latest version : v0.18.6

Download appropriate zip file containing the binary package for your platform. Note that only 64-bit platforms are supported.

Windows | MacOS | Linux

After downloading, unzip the package. To run the mdai binary from any directory, make sure that the binary is available on the PATH. The following are instructions for on setting the PATH

Verifying the Installation

After installing, verify the installation by starting a new terminal session and running mdai. By executing mdai you should see help output similar to this:

$ mdai
Usage: mdai [options] [command]

MDAI CLI is a command line interface to the API.
  See below for commands.


  -h, --help  output usage information


  version     Get package version
  config      View or set configuration variables
  project     Project operations
  dataset     Dataset operations
  help [cmd]  display help for [cmd]

If you get an error that mdai could not be found, your PATH environment variable was not set up properly. Please go back and ensure that your PATH variable contains the directory where mdai was installed.