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AI-Assisted Report Generation

Transform key findings into fully formatted reports with impressions using's revolutionary AI-assisted reporting tools. Features include customizable report templates and mappings, dictation support, and easy modification options.

Key Findings


Seamlessly catch and correct report discrepancies, misspellings and more with the proofreading function.


Enhanced Annotator and Reporting Integration

Combine the power of Annotator's FDA approved viewer with AI-assisted report generation. This feature allows users to review and annotate images while simultaneously generating reports. Integrated options include the ability to launch reporting directly from Annotator and automatically convert signed reports into an annotations.

Reporting in Annotator

Synced Multidevice Reporting and QR Code Integration

This feature allows users to seamlessly use reporting across multiple devices in real-time. For example, users can review an image or report on one device while simultaneously dictating into that report from a different device such a phone or tablet. This feature also includes QR code integration, which enables users to quickly open the same report on multiple devices.

Report QR

New Chat Models

Additional models including GPT-3.5 and Mixtral have been added to Chat. The desired chat model, including GPT-4, GPT-4-preview, GPT-4V-preview, and Llama-2, can be selected in the Chat Settings Chat Model drop down menu.

Dark Mode

A new dark mode theme is now available in Reporting and Chat to help reduce eye strain and accommodate user reading preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shadow gradient color in dark mode.
  • Fixed bug in report tab navigation while input is unfocused that caused borders to flash.
  • Fixed bug causing user avatar to fail to load in user settings.
  • Fixed bug where overlay message could persist when attaching images in reporting mode.
  • Resolved error in undo function when using the feature after using augmented reporting features.
  • Fixed annotator typescript errors due to frame type updates.
  • Resolved bug causing incorrect annotation interpolation if images were not in order.
  • Fixed sync error where report signing on one device did not sync across all report sessions.
  • Fixed bug in rendering of multiline highlighting in some browsers.
  • Fixed bug in annotator where label group description popup could get stuck open.
  • Resolved bug allowing Reporting iframe in Annotator to become out of sync with active exam.
  • Fixed bug in annotator that prevented blinded users from seeing metadata resource label indicators.
  • Resolved bug where silence during dictations could be transcribed incorrectly.
  • Resolved bug that caused series thumbnails not to be generated for some files when videos and images were uploaded together.