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Once the build status for your model is "Success", you can use the model to perform inference on the dataset. The steps are as follows

  • Select the dataset which you want to use for inference in case you have multiple datasets in your project (eg. train, val, test)
  • Select the model version you want to use. A tick mark will be placed to the left of the model you have chosen.
  • Select the scope of the inference task i.e whether you want the model to run on the entire dataset, exam, series or a single image.
  • Click on "RUN INFERENCE" and wait for the model to run until the inference task "Status" says "Succeeded".


You can check the predictions of your model alongside the tab named "Model Outputs". You can also hover over the predicted labels to know more details about the model used along with additional fine grained analysis about the predictions such as class probabilities or gradcam visualizations etc.


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