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June 2022


Model Performance Evaluation

Simplify your model evaluation with new model analytics and intuitive visualizations! In the models card you can explore points of interest, interactive metrics, and detailed summaries.

Resource Navigation

See the models section of docs for more information on how to get started.

Enlarge Components

Delete Unwanted Data

New Command Line Interface (CLI) funcationality allows for easy deletion of datasets, studies, series, or instances with CLI version v0.21.0 or later. Exam ordering continues to be preserved so any user assignments won't be affected. An overview of additional CLI functionality is available here.

Enhanced Large File Support

We've increased our CLI file size upload limit from 1GB to 1TB to support even your largest files.

Bug Fixes

  • Added validation check on model upload to ensure label and data types correctly matched.
  • Resolved bug that was causing certain JPEG uploads to be unable to be displayed.
  • Fixed connection issue in’s in platform video call service.