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January 2024


Chat and Report Management UI

My Chats:

My Chats

My Reports:

My Reports

Site Admin UI:

Site Admin

Diff Highlighting for Apply Key Findings and Proofreading

Diff highlighting for Apply Key Findings will highlight the key findings applied to the report template:

Diff Highlighting for Key Findings - Light

Diff Highlighting for Key Findings - Dark

Diff highlighting for proofreading will highlight text that is added or removed:

Diff Highlighting for Proofreading - Light

Diff Highlighting for Proofreading - Dark

Apply Key Findings Improvements

On mobile, the AI button runs impression generation when there is an Impression section in the report. Now, when there is free text without an Impression section, the AI button will open the list of templates to run Apply Key Findings.

Map Apply Key Findings to AI Button on Mobile

The template index number is now shown during Apply Key Findings:

Show Template Index in Apply Key Findings

Auto-Proofread Speech Transcriptions

Transcribed text from the speech recorder in reporting will now be auto-proofread. The goal of this feature is to identify and correct any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or ambiguities to ensure the highest level of clinical accuracy.

Copy Report Content Button

Added a button to copy the report content to clipboard:

Copy Report

Copy Report - Mobile

During Apply Key Findings, click the key findings text to copy to clipboard:

Copy Key Findings

Remove Brackets Button

Added an option to remove brackets from the report with Sign Report (enabled by default):

Remove Brackets With Sign Report

Also added a button to remove brackets as an isolated action:

Remove Brackets Button

Bug fixes

  • Fixed ability to clear project user exam assignments via CLI [docs].
  • Eliminated unnecessary network requests after report sync/save.
  • Fixed reporting outdated app version notification on mobile.
  • Improved visual indicator for report recorder initialization.
  • Fixed bug where the previous active report was repeatedly loaded on report navigation.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate report check for report launched via api endpoint.
  • Removed browser spellcheck in reporting text area.
  • Fixed report task tooltip position with scrolling on mobile.
  • Fixed various elements in dark theme.
  • Fixed rendering bug for CJK languages in PDF exports of reports.
  • Fixed bug in Annotator where loading animation was no longer displaying when changing exams.
  • Fixed bug with mis-ailgned rendering text highlighting on certain mobile platforms.
  • Fixed bug in Annotator where exam navigation was not working properly with the "not annotated by me" filter.
  • Fixed bug in Annotator for blinded users where the applied label indicators was showing other users' annotations.
  • Fixed cited chat message link rendering within code blocks.
  • Fixed flashing UI bug on mobiled with report tab navigation.