Slow Loading

Refresh as First Step

  • Refresh the webpage. Refeshing the web page will clear up most issues. Try this first

Low Res Mode

  • Use the LQ button to load and scroll in low res mode. This will shorten loading time especially for large studies. Images revert back to hi res when scrolling is stopped

Additional Actions

  • Check your RAM, we suggest at least 8GB of RAM especially for large studies, otherwise performance may not be optimal
  • Check your internet speed at the time of slowdown with to make sure it's sufficient for your project. Internet speed can sometimes be inconsistent
  • Be aware that some Chrome extensions will slowdown the Annotator. Try disabling Chrome extensions
  • Try closing other tabs and then refresh web page
  • Try closing other browsers
  • A large compressed study may take more time to load
  • Workaround for low RAM, open 2 Chrome tabs and let one exam load while reading the other and alternate between the two


If these steps fail to resolve the issue, use the Send Feedback button on the project to let us know. Include details such as:

  • project name
  • exam number of a slow loading study
  • day and time of slowdown
  • did the slowdown occur on the first exam viewed in a session or did the initial exams load normally and then a slowdown was noticed?
  • also helpful: type of computer and amount of RAM