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Model Registry

Model Registry contains a set of pre-trained deep learning models for medical imaging. You can easily clone the models and associated labels from model registry into your own project and run model inference tasks.


Only project admin can clone models from model registry.


Clone Models

To clone models from model registry -

  1. Click Model Registry button to open Model Registry panel.
  2. Select models.
  3. Click Clone button to clone selected models.


The "Build status" for clone model version will go from initially "Cloning" to finally "Succeeded", when the model has been successfully deployed on the cloud.


When cloning model from model registry, would also create a new label group in the project with the same name as the model, which contains all associated labels.


Update Model would keep improve models in model registry and release new versions for them. If a new version is available in model registry for cloned model, there would be an update button (only visible to model owner) in the model card title bar, model owner can click the update button to clone the latest version into the project.


Preview Model Info

Click Show Model Details action button to preview model info.


Click View Demo button to check model usage in public project.