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June 2023


Microphone Keyboard Shortcut

New keyboard shortcuts allow for streamlined speech integration during both LLM use and direct annotation.

Video Annotation Support

Expanded annotation support for videos, including mp4 files, which can be uploaded directly and annotated as a multi-frame images. Chat

Explore our new education tool available for users to interact with large language models. Features include streamlined web and mobile interfaces, example prompts, and integration with reports and report templates. Chat

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was preventing export of model outputs into an empty report.
  • Resolved error in handling LLM prompts when the number of tokens exceeded the context length.
  • Fixed bug that allowed redacted email addresses in UI to be viewable in HTTP response.
  • Resolved user settings discrepancy between desktop and mobile view.
  • Resolved bug in autosegmentation copy forward and backward feature for objects of decreasing size.
  • Resolved mask threshold preview bug.
  • Fixed bug causing measurements in MPR series to display in pixels instead of millimeters.
  • Fixed bug preventing deletion of hanging protocols.