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July 2023


Chat on Shared Reports

Harness the power of Chat to interact directly with reports. The AI based assistant can facilitate a myriad of tasks including content summarization, report simplification, letter writing, JSON creation, and general knolwedge questions.


Autocomplete Reports

Use the optional autocomplete function to enable AI assistance during reporting and other documentation tasks.

Autocomplete Button

Markdown Support

Add images to reports and chats for enhanced, multimodal reporting with the addition of markdown support.

Preview external links for additional context while interacting with chat.

Link Preview

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed autosegmentation bug where navigating to a new image and clicking the same label while autosegmentation was processing would apply the annotation to the new image.
  • Resolved bug causing very large export jobs to become stuck processing.
  • Fixed bug in autosegmentation copy forward for masks with multiple non intersecting sections where not all sections would be copied.
  • Fixed bug in .mha to DICOM conversion script.
  • Resolved bug causing chat requests to be blocked by security policy rules.